The year 2018 witnessed a series of achievements that have contributed to the fulfillment of TRA strategic objectives and the continuation of its march in developing the telecom sector in line with the vision of His Majesty the Sultan, the technological advancements and the business models of the sector. We highly value the efforts and sincere dedication of all TRA employees in reaching these milestones.

On the legislative level, TRA, in collaboration with Ministry of Transport and Communications undertook a comprehensive review of the existing Telecom Act to stimulate the legislative environment of investment and create new economic activities to accommodate the investors’ ambitions by establishing a rich environment for business operations on the one hand, and creating employment opportunities for young Omanis on the other. The new law took into consideration the interests of the active parties in accordance with the best international practices in regulating the telecom sector and linking it with the proper legal support.

On the part of regulation, a number of significant achievements were made as shown below:

  • Completion of procedures to renew Class One License issued to Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) for the provision of mobile public telecommunications services, which expires in 2019.
  • ssuance of decision to renew Class One License issued to the Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Ooredoo) for the provision of mobile public telecommunications services, which expires in 2020.
  • TRA also issued a Regulation to organize the allocation of special numbers through an electronic auctioning system as part of its pursuit of transparency and the allocation of such numbers to all subscribers in a fairly manner.
  • As cyber incidents pose a high risk to telecom networks and services as well as consumer interests, and as it is important for the licensees to be continuously alert to such threats and update their plans for defensive response and strategic security, TRA prepared and issued a regulation specifying the licensee obligations to protect the telecom networks against such risks. This will ensure that the licensees will take the appropriate technical and operational measures to protect the telecom network security and the services provided through them.

    As part of its role in monitoring the coverage and quality of telecom services, TRA completed the field survey to measure coverage and quality of service in 3900 villages all over the willayats and governorates of the Sultanate. The survey covered some areas of high usage such as airports, schools and shopping malls. Based on the results of the survey, TRA developed an interactive map on its website to display the results of the coverage and quality of service measurements to the public. This interactive map is the first of its kind at the level of regulators in the region as it enables the user to identify the signal strength and the average data downloading speed on the basis of field measurements that reflect the customer experience.

    On the field of postal services, TRA constantly seeks to regulate the operation of the postal services to be consistent with the international treaties that the TRA is party to thorough monitoring and liberalizing the sector and encouraging local and international investment to provide customers with high-quality services at reasonable prices. TRA finalized a consultancy study on the postal market and completed the preparation of a draft regulation and regulatory guidelines for the postal sector in 2018.

    Dr. Hamad Bin Salem Al-Rawahi

    Executive President

    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
    Sultanate of Oman