Achievements in the past decade

The accomplishments of the TRA in the telecom sector have a solid footing for the targets in the coming decade.

As a result of the success in the past decade, Oman is now ranked 3rd of the 21 Arab states in terms of mobile penetration, 12th in terms of fixed penetration and 3rd in terms of internet user penetration.

Employment in Telecom

The telecom sector, including the TRA and telecom service providers, contributed to the national economy by employing 3,954 people by the end of 2012, with the TRA achieving 92.6 percent Omanization rate while service providers have achieved 89.4%. The total number of employment during 2012 shows a decrease of a faction by 3.25% due to the Omantel Group’s terminations and voluntary separation scheme offered by the company.

Source: TRA

Note:The decline in total employment during 2012 was due to the voluntary separation scheme offered by Omantel and the closure of one of the mobile resellers.

Telecom Revenue

During 2012, the total revenue for the telecom sector reached a total of RO 709,352 million, indicating an increase of 2.2% as compared to 2011. The total revenue consisted mainly of mobile services at 70% while the rest were from fixed services.

Telecom Investments

During 2012, the total amount of new investment made by reached RO 76.499 million. Fixed services contributed 63.8% and 36.2% for mobile services. The chart below provides information on statistics of percentage contribution to telecom investments. In the chart below, fixed investment holds the highest amount of total investment to the sector since 2010. This is due to Nawras and Samatel getting new fixed licenses and international gateway license respectively.