TRA would like to alert post-paid mobile subscribers to the high costs of data roaming while travelling.

Data roaming is the use of Internet applications including browsing email and the Internet, Whatsapp, as well as social medial applications for example Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These costs are charged by the mobile operators in the country of travel which may exceed individual user billing limits set by the consumer with their mobile operator. TRA recommends that consumers switch off the “data roaming” option in their mobile phone “settings”.

Advice on how to avoid high roaming charges:

If you decide to access the Internet while travelling you are advised to:

  • subscribe to country-specific data roaming packages or international data roaming package as provided by your mobile operator.
  • note the SMS Advisory Message sent by your mobile operator advising of roaming charges in your country of travel.
  • use local Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • track your data usage.

TRA wishes all consumers a “bill-shock” free travel.