The dynamism of the telecommunications sector being what it is, TRA is keenly aware of the importance of keeping up with the developments on a global level. As such, TRA is actively involved in various aspects related to international telecommunications.

TRA is dynamically engaged in both the international and regional levels in telecommunications development and continues to develop ties with its fellow regulators, and builds on strengthening bilateral relationships with regional authorities as well as other related bodies.

The TRA is a sector member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in all three sectors; radio communication, telecommunication standardization and telecommunication development. The TRA is also a member of the Arab Regulators Network of Telecommunication & Information Technologies (ARNET) and in 2012 actively contributed on issues related to child online protection and cloud computing. Additionally, TRA engages in the telecom-related activities of the League of Arab States as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The TRA participates in various events with the aim to coordinate the Sultanate's position with relevant regional and international regulatory authorities and other international organizations in the radio communication, telecommunication standardization and telecommunication development sectors, as well as to benefit from international exposure and experiences in directing the development and articulation of local telecommunications policies, consistent with Oman’s Telecommunication Regulatory Act and the strategic plan of TRA.

In 2012, a total of 106 international and 5 local events were participated by the TRA’s staff.
Below is a table that lists various international events participated in 2012:

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