The Telecom Act

The Telecom Act was brought into legislation by Royal Decree No. 30/2002, which sets out the general policies and regulations for the Omani telecommunications sector. The Act supersedes all previous rules and laws. All the current regulations and decisions issued by the Authority are derived from the policies set out in the Telecom Act.

In a field which is developing and expanding at such a fast pace, legislation must be reviewed and amended periodically in order that it takes into account the latest technologies and services. To that end, the Telecom Act has been reviewed twice since it was adopted in 2002.

These reviews ensure that the Act remains relevant and applicable, allowing for economic and social development and new or developing services and technology.

The Act ensures that service levels provided by telecommunications service providers are maintained, both in terms of service provision and quality of service. It regulates licensees to ensure that they adhere to the terms and conditions of the licenses granted to them, as well as encouraging, promoting and developing the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate.