The TRA is dedicated to leading and/or supporting telecom industry related initiatives for providing, expanding and maintain services to broader geographical areas and populations. The improvement of existing and future service quality and holding the consumers interest at heart has been on top of the priority list.

The following are a couple of major initiatives undertaken by the TRA and collaborators in the recent years:

  • Refarming of Spectrum

  • TRA was successful in refarming of the spectrum in the 900 MHz and 800 MHz bands, giving additional flexibility to the operators to provide better services to the telecom consumers. As the next phase, spectrum prices are being reviewed cost-wise with the goal of rationalizing to better utilize spectrum.

  • Migration of Spectrum

  • The TRA found significant success during 2012 with the active support and cooperation of the Ministries of Transport & Communication and Finance, in their effort into migration of important non-commercial use of spectrum to make additional spectrum available for commercial use and better consumer services. The Authority, with the available of additional spectrum, will be able to facilitate improvement in service quality and in the expansion of services.

  • Bringing service to unserved and underserved areas

  • The TRA was successful in refarming of spectrum and utilizing the opportunity to provide coverage in remote and rural areas by collaborating with mobile network operators and securing their support to extend the services to the unserved areas. The initiative, in collaboration with Omantel and Nawras, aims to provide telecommunication services to more than 250 villages in rural areas of the Sultanate. This joint venture has commenced and is expected to be finished between late 2013 to early 2014.

  • Removing the mobility restriction in the band 2.3 GHz

  • The TRA gave permission to the mobility feature in the frequency spectrum of 2.3 GHz band to provide broadband mobile services in the Sultanate, enabling the operators to improve the usage of spectrum through this mobility feature.