Domain Name (عمان.) initiative at Comex 2015

An initiative was launched on the 28 of April 2015 by the Domain Names Department of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The initiative involves a one-year free registration for 120 websites under the domain name (عمان .) This initiative is a major step towards encouraging individuals and institutions to use the Arabic domain name as an address for their websites. The TRA will bear the registration cost during the specified year, provided that the registered domain name is used effectively by the beneficiary .

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The TRA is dedicated to leading and/or supporting telecom industry related initiatives for providing, expanding and maintain services to broader geographical areas and populations. The improvement of existing and future service quality and holding the consumers interest at heart has been on top of the priority list.

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Guidelines on telecom services for persons with special needs

The population of the Omani consists of a sizeable portion of people with special needs: restricted vision, impaired hearing or mobility and in some cases even the lack of ability to use basic telecommunication facilities. The government is required “to provide telecommunications services to persons with special needs” as per the Royal Decree (121/2008), in order to achieve the goals of economic and social objectives of the telecommunication sector.

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Covering 250 Rural Villages

In early 2012, the TRA discussed on a plan with Omantel and Nawras to provide basic telecommunication services to selective areas and villages. The TRA would facilitate spectrum farming and allowing mobility under the assigned frequency bands in return for Omantel and Nawras cooperating in this national initiative by building number of BTS sites. A total of 200 mobile sites, with 40 2G+3G sites divided equally between the two operators, were agreed to be built in various rural areas in the Sultanate. This initiative, upon completion, is expected to provide coverage of basic telecommunication services to approximately 240 villages, and a 30 more mobile sites to be implemented soon through other initiatives.

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Guidelines for public Wi-Fi hotspots

The TRA recognizes the need to increase the numbers of internet penetration to every home, school and business at affordable prices in order to facilitate the evolution of the current society to a knowledge based community. The TRA encourages setting up of Wi-Fi hotspots available for public with the help of licensed operators, service providers, and sponsorship of other government and private firms, all across the country.

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