The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) would like to make it clear that toll-free numbers are the numbers that start with (800) followed by five numbers. Calls could be made to these numbers free of charge as the call cost is borne by the party receiving the call.

These numbers are assigned to government institutions, private establishments or any other entities engaged in the provision of particular services to individuals and corporations.

Toll free numbers are very useful since they provide an easy means whereby a user can make calls to request a specific service, make an inquiry or file a complaint without incurring the cost of the call. This will incentivize the caller to make the call without hesitation and on the other hand the recipient would achieve its objective of making this facility available to be able to listen to its callers.

You can now choose your toll free number and service operator and you may also choose to keep the same number while porting your number to another operator.

TRA endeavors to spread public awareness on the significance of free calls through the call centers operating under the public and private sectors’ establishments. Call centers are the focal point in relaying requests made through phone calls to support products, handle inquiries, provide information and receive customer complaints as part of serving the consumer.

For further information, please call TRA Call Center at toll free: 800 00 000