COMEX 2016 from tomorrow TRA Launches Fake Mobile Awareness Campaign at COMEX 2016

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is participating at COMEX 2016. During this 5-days event the TRA stall at Oman Exhibition Centre will focus on educating users of telecommunication services on a number of issues that touch their lives such as detecting counterfeit phones and the procedures for submitting complaints. TRA has also set up a corner for postal services and another for quality of telecommunications services and coverage.

TRA’s Participation in Comex 2014

This year at Comex 2014 the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), along with Omantel and Nawras, has set up a Telecom Zone to highlight current initiatives undertaken in the telecom sector, among which is the TRA initiative to establish 200 telecom tower sites in 250 villages. In the Telecom Zone there will be four stations: the first station will highlight the afore-mentioned initiative; the second station will represent a geographic indication of the quality of telecom services; the third station will assist visitors to the Telecom Zone on developing awareness on how to select the most suitable telecom package to their needs and the fourth station will be a joint initiative with Cisco highlighting a system that creates greater accessibility for persons with disabilities, specifically the hearing and speech-impaired, to communicate their needs to an intermediary using sign-language who will then translate their request vocally.

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