On the initiative of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to support the Omani small and medium enterprises (SMEs) , and create job opportunities for young Omanis in the telecom sector, Omantel and Oman Broadband Company (OBC) have signed contracts with 8 Omani SMEs specializing in Last-Mile Connectivity (LMC) works. The signing ceremony was attended by His Excellency the TRA Executive President, and senior officials of telecom companies at TRA headquarters at Airport Heights .

The signing of the contracts was the result of completing the training of 22 SMEs' employees on the operators' systems and outsourcing 15 trial requests to each SME to connect broadband services to customers. This was performed under the supervision of the operators' employees in order to check the performance of the SMEs and ensure they are capable of handling the LMC services. The owners of these SMEs were verified to be available full-time to work and manage their businesses and are committed to provide job opportunities for Omanis to ensure their sustainability in the market.

The LMC Project is a joint national initiative of the TRA and telecom companies to create more job opportunities for young Omanis and build national capacities in the telecommunications sector in general and fiber optics and related services in particular. It also aims to support SMEs and prospect start-ups by training young Omanis to carry out technical works required to deliver broadband services and connect fiber-optic cables from exchanges to buildings, in coordination with all relevant parties such as telecom operators, SME Authority (Riyada), PDO, Oman Development Bank, and Oman Fiber Optic Training Institute.