The .om ccTLD was re-delegated in 2011 and the TRA took over the .om registry administration from Omantel in 2012.

Major Milestones for 2012:

  1. The system was brought online in March 2012
  2. Domain name registrations and renewals commenced in first week of April 2012
  3. Nawras and Gulf CyberTech signed up to be Domain Name Registrars and were accredited via the Registry system Portal in October 2012.
  4. Two of three registrars completed their testing for their EPP Connections and became fully accredited fully registrars for both Web Portal and Extensible Provisioning Protocol (hereinafter referred to as EPP) for .om and .oman (عمان) Domain Names.

Most effort was put into get registrars to connect via EPP to the Registry so that the registration processes of Domain Names can be automated. The EPP connection allows online applications and responses to be made in real time, providing registrants with a speedy and reliable service.

A total of 1,451 existing domains were migrated to the new registry system while from March to December, 240 new Domain Names were created consisting of both .om ccTLD and عمان .IDN Domains. The total number of registered domains as of 31st December 2012 reached 1,691.