When writing regulation, TRA takes into account the views of stakeholders and the public through an open and public consultation process.

All consultations are advertised to ensure the widest possible participation and are accessible online on the TRA website. All current consultations are available for online response and past consultations for view through the online archives.

The first public consultation, rather the first half, was conducted on the draft ex-ante, ex-post regulations and a market analysis. It was carried out based on market definition and dominance guidelines.

In December 2012, the second round of consultations was started with the Market Definition and Dominance Report (MDD). The reports were shared with all licensees to enable them to participate in the process and raise their comments and observations. The major operators all actively participated. A full day workshop was also organized by the TRA for all licensees to further facilitate the consultation process. Once it was finalized, TRA issued a determination to designate dominance in each market and impose suitable counter-measures against potential damage done by dominant players.

Currently, the formulation of Competition Regulations and Guidelines or in other words, ex-post regulations, is in progress.