Public Consultation on Publication of Separated Regulatory Accounts

The Telecommunications Regulatory TRA (the “TRA”) issued the Accounting Separation Regulation (the “AS Regulation”) and the Accounting Separation Guidelines (the “AS Guidelines”) in 2016 under which Omantel and Ooredoo, being dominant licensees, were required to submit their Separated Regulatory Accounts (“SRAs”) to the TRA annually. The SRAs provide information to the TRA to monitor compliance with dominance remedies (including price control, cost orientation, non-discrimination) and enable timely intervention to address the competition problems. SRAs also provides the TRA with relevant and reliable information to support its regulatory decisions

Since other parties have a legitimate interest in compliance of dominance remedies by dominant licensees and taking into account the transparency requirement, it is appropriate that SRA information is made public subject to certain confidentiality matters

The TRA, through this consultation, wishes to invite stakeholders, interested parties and the public in general to comment on the issues relating to publication of SRAs as highlighted in this Consultation Document. The Consultation Document sets out the TRA’s draft position and does not necessarily represent the final view of the TRA on any of the matters consulted upon herein

The TRA is open to receive and consider the reasoned views and documented comments on all of these matters by respondents to this consultation. As a result of this consultation process, the TRA's views may or may not vary in relation to some or any matters covered in the Consultation Document

Nevertheless, the respondents are advised that the assumption they should entertain for practical purposes is that, absent any further comment, the TRA is likely to confirm the preliminary view expressed in this Consultation Document. If respondents have a different view of the matter then they should consider submitting that view together with reasons and, if relevant, evidence in support. The respondents who wish to express opinions and to provide comments and suggestions are invited to submit their comments in writing. All comments must be received by the Authority by 3.00 PM on 7th April 2019

Comments filed in relation to this Consultation Document may be submitted to one or more of the following addresses:

  • a)E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • b) Delivery (hard and soft copy in word format) by hand or by courier to:
  • Telecommunications Regulatory TRA

    P.O Box 3555, PC 111, Al Seeb, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

    The TRA welcomes all comments on the Consultation Document. The TRA encourages respondents to support all comments with relevant argument and if relevant, data, analysis, benchmarking studies and information based on the national situation or on the experience of other countries to support their comments. In providing comments, respondents are requested to indicate the section or paragraph to which their comments relate. The TRA may give greater weight to comments supported by appropriate argument and, if relevant, evidence. The TRA is under no obligation to adopt the comments of any respondent

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