Market Definition and Dominance (MDD) Report 2020

In accordance with the functions vested in the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman, the TRA is undertaking a periodical review of the telecommunications service markets, with the view of updating the Market Definition and Dominance Report published in 2013.

Since the issuance of MDD Report 2013, many significant developments took place in the sector such as entry of OBC, Awasr Oman, OTC and the forthcoming third mobile operator. Similarly, the market witnessed growth in the deployment of fiber, LTE and fixed 5G services whereas 5G mobile services are also in the pipeline. From consumers’ side, demand for data services, bundled plans and OTT services are on the rise. The MDD Report takes into consideration all such developments, both at retail and wholesale level, and reviews the definition of markets, the list of relevant markets and the ex-ante obligations that dominant service providers in those relevant markets are subject to.

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