The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) invites all interested parties to provide their views and comments on the Public Consultation on “BULRIC Modeling” which is available on the TRA website

TRA seeks, through the public consultation, to provide an opportunity to all interested stakeholders to give their views and comments on the new legislation.

The TRA welcomes all comments on the Public Consultation Document. Respondents who wish to express opinions on this Public Consultation Document are invited to submit their comments in writing to the Authority.

The TRA encourages respondents to support all comments with relevant argument and if relevant; data, analysis, benchmarking studies and information based on the national situation, or on the experience of other countries, to support their comments. When providing comments, respondents are requested to indicate the question number or section number to which their comments correspond. The Authority has prepared specific questions for intending respondents to address, if they wish (see Annex E). The TRA may give greater weight to comments supported by appropriate argument and, if relevant, evidence.

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In providing their feedback respondents are requested to provide the following: