TRA Responses to Comments on Licensing Framework Public Consultation

This document summarizes the responses to “A Consultation Document on Proposals for a New Licensing Framework for Telecommunications in Oman”.

This consultation covered the development of a framework of licensing and primary and secondary legislation to meet changing circumstances in telecommunications markets, and the emergence of markets for the Supply of Content by means of electronic networks.

Responses were received from eight parties.Each party was asked to respond to 25 questions. In addition to such responses, respondents generally made a number of additional points, which have also been taken into account.

Each area of discussion is characterized by a subject heading, the Authority’s proposals, and the questions raised by the Authority.

Comments made by respondents in response follow each question. The Authority’s position follows the observations and views expressed by the responding stakeholders.

Owing to the high volume of comment, for which the Authority thanks respondents, it has been necessary to summarize or extract key responses in some instances. Best efforts have been made to accurately represent the meaning of responses and to provide the required balance between varying views.

Published on : Sunday, May 26, 2013