TRA Position Statement

On 12th December 2017, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (the “TRA”) issued the draft Guidelines for Competition Complaints (the “draft Guidelines”) for public consultation. Comments on the draft Guidelines were received from Omantel, Ooredoo, Awasr, TeO and Renna Mobile. This document sets out a summary of the issues raised by stakeholders on the draft Guidelines and the TRA’s position in relation to the comments received from stakeholders.

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Draft Guidelines for Competition Complaints

The Authority has issued Decision (70/2013) promulgating the Ex–post Regulations and Guidelines (Anti–competitive Behavior) in order to address potential anticompetitive practices of dominant licensees in the Telecom Sector of Oman. The Article (4) of the said Regulation states that the Authority may, at its own initiative or based on a complaint by a concerned party, initiate an investigation as to whether any actions or activities of a licensee could prevent or restrict competition in relation to telecommunications. The Authority will process the disputes in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure (Decision 44/2010).

Considering the fact that disputes and complaints are different by nature; different procedures would be required to address each of them efficiently. Currently the disputes between licensees are being dealt with in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure. Therefore, to deal with the anticompetitive complaints efficiently and effectively, the Authority is of the view that a separate set of procedures is required and accordingly has prepared draft Guidelines for Competition Complaints.

The draft Guidelines for Competition Complaints set out in detail the processes and procedures that the Authority intends to adopt in future for handling such complaints filed by the licensees. The Guidelines provide a clear procedure of submitting anti–competition complaints in accordance with the template attached to the Guidelines and the required documents / information to be included while filling such complaints to the Authority. In addition, it provides a clear process including specific timeframes for how the Authority will investigate and analyze the cases and respond accordingly.

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