What is a Class II licence?

A Class II licence is issued to those operators providing public telecommunications services which rely upon a Class I licence network capacity.
The Class II licensees may also provide additional, or value added, public telecommunications services which make use of numbering resources.
The Class II licence is issued by a Ministerial decision from the Minister of Telecommunications based on an approved proposal from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The decision determines the duration of the licence, which should not exceed 10 years.

Current Class II licensees

    Mobile Reseller
  • 2008: Majan Telecom LLC (Renna)
  • 2008: Connect Arabia (Friendi)
  • 2008: (expired) Injaz International Telecom LLC
  • 2008: (terminated) Mazoon National Telecoms LLC
  • 2008: (cancelled) Kalaam Telecom LLC
  • 2009: (terminated) Sama Telecommunications (Telecom Oman)
  • 2010: (expired) Via Cloud Muscat LLC
  • 2014: ZZajel Extended Telecom L.L.C
  • 2019: Awaser Oman & Co. SAOC

General Rules and conditions of Class II Licence

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