Safeguarding the interest of users and enabling of access to emerging technology and services are key inputs to TRA in approving the type of equipment deployed in the networks. To meet this objective, the equipment and devices are checked for their authenticity and performance supported by test results carried out by internationally approved laboratories. Type approval ensures elimination of fake devices that may produce radio electromagnetic radiation that could be harmful to the users.

Registration of Authorizations to Imports

In 2015, the TRA issued Resolution 59/2015 on the regulations for dealing in telecommunications equipment, provided that the annual registration as an importer of companies or institutions in accordance with the registration requirements determined by the Authority, which is the import of telecommunications equipment to the Sultanate for the purpose of trading. Resolution 8/2008 was canceled and any provision contrary to this regulation shall be canceled or inconsistent with its provisions.

Advices for Releases of Imported Telecom Equipment:

To import communications equipment from outside the country, the importer must obtain an authorized release issued by the TRA to submit to the Customs for the release of the equipment.

The graph below represents statistics of total number of Releases to Customs Issued for 2015 and 2016

Type approval statistics

TRA approve the telecommunications equipment after checking their compliance with the international standards in terms of safety, electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency (RF) and conformity with Oman’s telecom network.

The graph below represents statistics of total number of telecom equipment approval for 2015 and 2016

Monitoring of Telecom Dealers

I TRA checks the compliance of telecom dealers in selling approval equipment by conducting inspection visit all over the Sultanate. The statistics of the visits are shown below from 2015 to 2016