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Decisions & Regulations

TitlePublished Date
Regulation on Premium Rate Services 16/07/2020
Domain Names Regulation Framework 16/07/2020
Determining the Registrar and the Registration Fees of Domain Names fees under Domain .om & عمان 16/07/2020
Carrier Selection Regulations 16/07/2020
Number Portability Regulations 16/07/2020
Amendments of Executive Regulation of the Telecom Act 16/07/2020
Operating Earth Stations on Board Vessels in the Bands (5925-6425) MHz and (14 - 14.5) GHz 16/07/2020
Amendments of Some provisions of the Resolution No 133/2008 issuing Regulation Organizing the Registration and Usage of Frequencies and Radio Equipment and Their Pricing 16/07/2020
The Exemption of Some Telecommunications Services from the Licensing Conditions in the Telecom Act 16/07/2020
Decision No. 74/2013 regarding Market Definition, Dominant Licensee and Remedies 16/07/2020
Decision No.70\2013 Regarding Ex-post Regulations(Anti-Competitive Behavior) 16/07/2020
Postal service regulatory law 16/07/2020
TRA decision No.24/2016 Amending some Articles of the Executive Regulation 16/07/2020
Retail Tariff Regulation 16/07/2020
Decision No. 36 /2016 issuing the Accounting Separation Guidelines 16/07/2020
decision-No-46-2016 16/07/2020
Decision No. 39/2017Technical Specifications for Ka-Band Stations 16/07/2020
Regulation the Renewal of Class One Licenses for the Provision of Public Mobile Telecommunication Services 16/07/2020
Background of TRA Decision 50/2018 16/07/2020
Decision 84/2019 Specifying the License Fees for Providing Telecommunications Services 24/12/2019

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