The Satellite Monitoring Department specializes in conducting radio monitoring activities for space services received from satellites and space orbits within the station's visibility arc (133 East - 16 West) that used the radio frequency bands (L, S, C, X, Ku & Ka) and their beams cover the Space Radio Mentoring Station (SRMS) location. The following are summary of the department's activities:
  • Measurements of radio signals received from satellites.
  • Monitoring satellite orbits and verifying their occupancy and the used radio frequency bands.
  • Tracking and monitoring GSO & NGSO satellites.
  • Monitoring and Geolocation of interfering signals and illegal uses.
  • Conducting inspections on satellite service stations and verifying their compliance with granted licenses.
  • Providing satellite monitoring, tracking, and geolocation services to interested parties, whether within or outside the Sultanate.
  • Operating and maintaining the Space Radio Monitoring Station.
  • Local, regional, and international coordination regarding radio interference in space services.