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With the provisions of the Postal Services Regulation issued by the Royal Decree No. 71/2012, TRA is responsible for regulating the postal services and related services in the Sultanate as well as supervise the postal services providers to ensure the that the licensed services are provided with appropriate quality and according to the approved tariff. The TRA also receives complaints from the beneficiaries and issues decisions on these complaints and disputes.
In the light of the above, and to safeguard your rights as a beneficiary, TRA is pleased to advise the beneficiaries (individuals, companies, government and private institutions) of the importance of dealing with the TRA licensed postal companies.
Below list of licensed postal companies, addresses and contact details:
NO Company Licensed Logo
1- Oman Post S.A.O.G
Location: Asyad Fulfillment Centre, Postal Code 112 Old Cargo building, Airport Heights
Contact: 1001 / 24922000
Website: www.omanpost.om
E-mail: customers@omanpost.om
Instagram: oman_post
Location: Muscat Governorate, Boushar, Ghala
Contact: 1001 / 24922000
Website: www.asyadexpress.com
E-mail: customers@asyadexpress.com
3- Aramex Muscat L.L.C
Location: Muscat Governorate – Boshar – Alkhwair South - Sultan Qaboos St., St, #3533, Building #481
Contact: 24473000
Website: www.aramex.com
Business Enquiries: mctsales@aramex.com
General Enquiries and Complaints: all_mct_outlet_Muscat@aramex.com
4- DHL Express L.L.C
Location: Muscat Governorate – Al Seeb – Airport Hights.
Contact: 24520113
Website: www.dhl.com.om
E-mail: salim.alharthi@dhl.com
5- Oman Postal Express L.L.C
Location: Muscat Governorate – Mutrah - Ruwi - Hillat Al Sad
Contact: 24833700/ 99880371
Website www.fedex.com/om
E-mail: chairman.office@fedexmct.com.om
6- FedEx Express LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Boushar, Ghala, Jami Al Akbar St., Oman UAE Investment Building, 4th floor.
Contact: 22584300
Website: https://www.fedex.com/en-om/home.html
E-mail: oman@fedex.com
7- Falcon Air Services and Transport Co, LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Al Mawalih South, Al Tamir St.
Contact: 22351801/ 99330885
Website: www.fastcooman.com
E-mail: info@fastcooman.com
Twitter: @UPSOmanOfficial
Instgram : fastco.om
Whatsapp: 98184463
8- Elite Enterprises LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Al Rusail.
Contact: 24442800 / 99323159
Website: www.eliteairborne.com
E-mail: vikas@elite-co.com
9- Moon Express LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Al Khoud, Al-Nama St.
Contact: 99317025
Website: www.moongrp.com
E-mail: khalfanaa@gmail.com
10- Express Investment LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Muttrah, Ruwi.
Contact: 99101733
Website: www.atsglobex.com
E-mail: cm@atsglobalxpress.com
11- Gulf Agency Company LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Boushar, Al Khuwair.
Contact: 24477800
Website: www.gac.com/Oman
E-mail: sameeh.abdullatif@gac.com
12- Blue Moon Inland Cargo Express LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Al Rusail
Contact: 99236772
Website: www.bmiexpress.com
E-mail: shahzad@bmiexpress.com
13- Advance Arrow International
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Al Mawalih South.
Contact: 97210013 / 94003294 / 22507408
Website: www.tfmex.com
E-mail: ahmed.alfarsi@tfmex.com
14- First Flight Logistics LLC
Location: Muscat Governorate, Muttrah, Ruwi
Contact: 24816570 / 24810462
Website: www.firstflightme.com
E-mail: prince@firstflightme.com / ffomanops@firstflight.com
15- Global Multi Investment Limited Partnership
Location: Muscat Governorate, Muttrah, Darsait.
Contact: 24794082/ 24794081 /99201927
Website: www.skynetworldwide.net
E-mail: mctmanager@skynetworldwide.net
16- Dalilee
Location: Muscat Governorate, Al Seeb, Maabilah
Contact: 97220807 / 97536808 / 24455224
Instagram: @dalilee_om
Twitter: @dalilee_om
Facebook: @dalilee_om
17- Azwa
Location: Ghala/Bousher/Muscat
Contact: 22464700
Website: www.azwatech.com
Instagram: azwatechnologyllc
Twitter: Azwallc
18- Al Nowras
Location: Alwaatia/Muttrah/Muscat
Contact: +968 24560606 / +968 79403205
Website: www.alnowras.com
E-mail: info@alnowras.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alnowraslogisti/
Twitter: @AlNowrast
19- United Platform Trading (Mandoob)
Location: Al-Khoud /Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 95222485
Website: www.mandoob.om
Instagram: @mandoob.om
Twitter: @mandoob_om
20- NAQEL CO (Oman Branch)
Location: Bousher / Ghala/Muscat
Contact: 99476404
Website: https://www.naqelexpress.com/
Email: inquiries@naqel.com.sa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naqelexpr/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NaqelCARE
21- Muscat Post
Location: Ruwi / Muttrah /Muscat
Contact: 79416277
Website: www.muscatpost.com
Email: muscatpost2010@gmail.com / Muscatpost3@gmail.com
Instagram: muscat_post.2010
Twitter: muscat_post2010
22- Urbanization For Development ( TM Done)
Location: AL-Ghobra / Bousher /Muscat
Contact: 24111600
Website: www.tmdone.com
Email: salim.alhadhrami@tmdone.com
Instagram: tmdone
Twitter: TmDone
23- SMSA Express Transportation Muscat LLC
Location: Office 504, Regus Business Center, Al Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman
Contact: 94709186
Website: www.smsaexpress.com
Email: m.ansari@smsaexpress.com
Instagram: smsaexpress
Twitter: @smsaexpress
WhatsApp: +966 11 289 2999
24- Al-Husni Lishahn Waltawsil (Genacom)
Location: Al Mabila / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 92999523
Email: m.almawali97@gmail.com
Instagram: genacom.om
25- Tabsheer Alea AlDolla (NOOl)
Location: Al Mabila / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 97789953/99789954 /99789958
Email: nool@nooloman.com
Website: nooloman.com
Instagram: nool_oman
Twitter: nool_oman
26- Al Welayah Ocean for Transport and Trade
Location: Al Mabila Southern / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 99770923 /92665536
Email: Alwelayah.ocean@gmail.com
Instagram: alwelayah.ocean
27- The Developed Al Tiqani (Thiqa Delivery)
Location: Al Ghubra / Bousher /Muscat
Contact: 94329975/90908830
Email: thiqa.om@gmail.com
Website: https://tawseel-express.com/ar
Instagram: thiqa_om
Twitter: thiqa_om
28- WLO express ( Wasel Lee Oman ) express
Location: Al Mabila Southern / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 92415002 / 99460517/ 91454345
Website: nooloman.com
Instagram: wlo.express
Twitter: @expressWLO
29- Tawseel Express
Location: Al Khuwair –Sultan Qaboos City-street 247-Bulding 171
Contact: 71796007
Email: info@tawseel-express.com
Website: https://tawseel-express.com/ar
Instagram: https://instagram.com/tawseel_express?utm_medium=copy_link
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tawseel_Exp
30- Mars united joint venture (Dot " Door to Door”)
Location: Al Mabila / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 92908928/24463397
Email: dotom.net@gmail.com
Website: www.dotoman.net
Instagram: dot_intl
Twitter: dot_intl
31- Maryam Essa AL-Balushi Trading (SAAYER)
Location: Al Mabila Southern / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 92763130
Email: murtaza@saayeroman.com
Website: saayeroman.com
Instagram: saayerom
Twitter: saayerom
32- Wakan Trading United
Location: Postal Code 130, Unit Number 102, Plot Number 1388, Way Number 5017, Ghala, Muscat, Oman.
Contact: 91214000 (Talal Al Farsi - CEO)
Email: Wakantradingunited@gmail.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wakan_trading_united?utm_medium=copy_link
33- Sanad For Business (DELIVERY MAN)
Location: Ghala/Bousher/Muscat
Contact: 71070730
Email: info@deliverymanom.com
Website: www.deliverymanom.com
Instagram: deliveryman-om
Twitter: Deliverymanom
34- Injaz service united
Location: Al Khuwair /Muscat
Contact: 93932254
Email: injaz.servicesunited@gmail.com
Website: www.injaz-group.com
Instagram: injaz.2022
Twitter: @injaz_services
35- Lucky House International L.C.C
Location: PO Box 663, PC 133,5the Floor Office Number 52 Building 49 Al khuwair, Muscat
Contact: 94943454/90307090/ 24488400
Email: info@luckyhouseoman.com
Website: www.luckyhouseoman.com
36- Magic delivery
Location: Al Mabila / Seeb /Muscat
Contact: 93824263
Email: magicdeliveryo.com@gmail.com
Website: www.magicdeliver.com
Instagram: magic__delivery
37- Ali Al Ghazali Trading Est (Riders Hub )
Location: Ghala/Bousher/Muscat
Contact: 24033932/ 77330356/93666632
Email: ridershup.om@gmail.com
Instagram: @HupRiders
38- IMILE Express Services L.L.C
Location: Muscat/ Rusayl Industrial Area
Contact: 93508755 / 77100600
Email: customerservice-omn@imile.me
Website: www.imile.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imile_delivery/
Twitter: @imile_delivery https://twitter.com/imile_delivery
39- Muscat Store Electronic Commerce (Mandoobkum)
Location: Ghala industrial area /Bousher/Muscat
Contact: 96747492 / 22387766
Email: mandoobkum@gmail.com
Instagram: mandoobkum
Twitter: mandoobkum
40- Safe Way International
Location: Sandan Industrial City - Halban/Muscat
Contact: 24455964 - 99221429
Email: oman.team@safewayxp.com
Website: safewayxp.com
Instagram: safewaycargo_oman
41- Fakhr Amouage Trading (Aladdin)
Location: Muscat / Alamerat
Contact: 97550090
Email: info@aladdinom.com
Website: aladdinoman.com
Instagram: aladdinoman
Twitter: aladdinoman
42- The jewel of Mansoura International Trade
Location: Dhofar / salalah
Contact: 99490032
Email: arrowoman50@gmail.com
Website: aladdinoman.com
Instagram: arrow_oman2
43- Muscat Yachting LLC
Location: Alseeb – Alhail North – Bulding No.187- Office No.505
Contact: 95566484
Email: info@myc.om
44- Alhathaifa Business Solution SPC
Location: Muscat / Bousher / Alghubra North
Contact: 98172222
Email: Warda@al-hathaifa.com
45- Rapide
Location: AL Khuwair, Al Maha Street, Bait Fatma
Contact: 71448112/ 24480408
Email: info@rapide.om
Website: rapide.om
Instagram: rapide.om
46- Cloud World Trading L L C
Location: Muscat / Bousher / Nourht Aludhaybah
Contact: 22050075/ 90178281
Email: hajir@otaxi.om
Website: Otaxi | A journey to tell
Twitter: otaxi_oman
Instagram: @otaxi_oman
47- Sparkling Spring L.LC (D2D)
Location: Muscat / Seeb / Al Mabila
Contact: 98022724
Email: Info@d2dom.com
Website: d2dom.com
Instagram: d2d.om

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