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Ericsson hosts Oman Telecom Regulatory Authority delegation to showcase Ericsson's 5G Vital Role


As part of the collaborations between Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and the Oman Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), Ericsson hosted a TRA delegation at its headquarters in Sweden to highlight global best practices and outline how 5G will foster new business and market opportunities in Oman.

A key aim of the event was to share information about Swedish Regulatory as well as shed light on next-generation technologies and Ericsson services.

Mohammed Al Kindy VP Regulatory & Compliance at TRA says: "The main focus of our ICT development is to accelerate digitalization as well as to create a healthy ICT ecosystem to support the growth of 5G. In this way, we contribute to realizing the government's Vision 2040 to transform the country. Initiatives such as Ericsson's 5G showcase will power innovations and help transform technology infrastructure in Oman, bringing more opportunities to people, business and society."

XX at Ericsson says: “By the end of 2025, we expect 5G to have 2.6 billion subscriptions covering up to 65 percent of the world’s population. Meanwhile, consumers will be able to enjoy new applications like augmented reality and 4K video streaming and industries will benefit from innovative IoT applications such as smart transport and remote healthcare, creating significant opportunities. With 5G rollout underway in most countries in the GCC, Ericsson sees the need to support the government, telecom operators and industries in Oman to prepare for the launch of this next-generation technology."

As a 5G technology provider, Ericsson has worked closely with mobile operators around the world in the development of 5G, through standardization, trials, and prototyping. Ericsson’s standalone 5G solutions ensure super-fast response times as well as the future-readiness of the network architecture, opening up new service-creation opportunities. The new solutions extend network capacity and coverage, enabling smooth network evolution, and facilitating new consumer and industry use cases.

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