Service Licenses 

Under the Telecom Act (Article 20) it is mandatory for all persons or companies who wish to establish or operate a telecommunications system, or provide telecommunications services, to obtain a license from the TRA in advance of starting operations.

Types of Licenses

Before submitting a license application to the TRA, it is advised that the concerned party contacts TRA first to discuss their service proposition. The licensing framework divides the licenses into three classes: Class I, II, and III. These different classifications denote the variations on nature of operations and the network setup.
A Class I licence is issued by way of Royal Decree on the recommendation of the Minister of Telecommunications after TRA approval. Class I licensees are permitted to establish or operate a public telecommunications network or international telecommunications infrastructure, offer public telecommunications services or international access services. The Royal Decree shall determine the duration of the licence and will detail the terms and conditions that the licensee operates under.
The TRA may limit the numbers of telecommunications or radio licences issued for a specific class of telecommunications systems or services. This is in order to:
  • Ensure the efficient management and use of frequency spectrum.
  • Effectively manage the timings and use of telecommunications numbers as per the Numbering Plan.
In the case of a limit on the availability of telecommunications licences, the Authority may invite bids for licences, offered after consultation with the concerned parties and in line with the set rules and procedures. These rules and procedures shall be published at least one month prior the date of submission of bids.
A Class II licence is issued to those operators providing public telecommunications services which rely upon a Class I licence network capacity. The Class II licensees may also provide additional, or value added, public telecommunications services which make use of numbering resources. The Class II licence is issued by a Ministerial decision from the Minister of Telecommunications based on an approved proposal from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The decision determines the duration of the licence, which should not exceed 10 years.

Annexes for licensed services

Title Download
Annex of Internet Access Service PDF
Annex of Resale of Public Basic Mobile Service PDF
Annex of SMS PDF
Annex of Audio Text PDF
These licences are issued through a decision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to provide private network owners or service providers who meet the qualifying criteria set by the Authority unlimited entry to the market. The licence duration will not exceed five years.


A public telecommunications service used to manage, monitor or track the location of vehicles and mobile objects such as containers and equipment, or to track living organisms including incapacitated person or lacking legal capacity, birds and animals using positioning system technology (such as GPS), via licensed or authorized telecommunications systems or networks by the Authority for usage in the Sultanate of Oman.


  1. Replace the former regulation issued by Decision 80/2013.
  2. Provide Tracking and Geo-Location Systems Service in conditions to grant the information security and privacy.
  3. Unlock potential opportunities for SME due to the exemption from licensing requirements and expanding to the former regulation scope.

The Regulation:

Please click to view the Decision 89/2022 on the regulation of Tracking and Geo-Location Systems Service PDF

The Application form:

To apply, download and fill in the form and submit all the details requested in the regulation PDF

Application Procedure:

The Applicant submit duly signed application form and submit all the listed requiem in Article 3 of the Regulation
TRA review the applicant and contact the applicant for any further clarification
If application is approved, TRA will issue a provisional approval valid for 120 days for the applicant to establish the system and server and obtain Type Approval
The applicant advise TRA about the system readiness and TRA conduct site inspection
After proving of system readiness and obtain of type approval, TRA will issue the Authorization after paying the fee


the authorization is valid for 3 years and the authorized entity is required to pay the renewal fee and provide any details requested by TRA.

Authorization fees:

Fee Amount
Application Review 30 OMR
Inspection 80 OMR
Authorization / Renewal 50 OMR
View the list of Authorized entities: Click

Title Download
Decision No. 18/2015 Regulation on Operating Private Network Not Connected to the Public Network for Personal Utilisation PDF
Application Form PDF
Title Download
Passive Infrastructure Regulation (No. 60/2014) PDF
Application Form PDF

List of Authorized Companies for Passive Infrastructure

  1. Oman Electricity Transmission Company S.A.O.C
  2. Oman Tower Company L.L.C
  3. Oman Airports Management Company S.A.O.C

About the Service

The Regulatory Sandbox is an effective tool that enables a secure control environment that allows for experimentation of emerging technologies and new applications. Through the Regulatory Sandbox, the Authority aims to provide a safe cover that enables innovators to devise viable products and services related to telecommunications, and it is an opportunity to examine all innovative products and services, business models, data and delivery mechanisms in a live environment.

The scope of Regulatory Sandbox for Telecommunications is limited to enabling sandbox tests. After the test, the product or service shall be used/provided commercially in accordance to the existing regulatory and legal frameworks.

The stage of studying and evaluating the application is subject to the extent to which the applicant fulfills the conditions and criteria set by the authority through the guidelines of the rules of the regulatory sandbox issued in accordance with Decision No. 89/2021. It should be also noted that the Authority cannot waive any of the rules or requirements on the applicant specified by another entity or set by another law or regulation in the Sultanate.


  1. Testing the products and services in a regulated environment.
  2. Reducing marketing time and cost.
  3. Supervising the tests in all its phases, by working with the participant to agree on precautionary measures for beneficiaries or any other methods.
  4. Clarity of the objectives of the tests (such as reducing costs for the beneficiaries) and that they be conducted on a specific scope from the authority.
  5. Ensure that the test is conducted for a specified period, on a specified number of beneficiaries and in a specified place.
  6. The licensees only are allowed to provide telecommunication services in the Sultanate, and it is not allowed for the participant to provide the service commercially after the trial ends without obtaining the appropriate license or authorization.
  7. Ensure that the participant in the testing does not cause any harmful interference to other licensed services in accordance with the rules of the Authority.
  8. Ensure that the participant is compliance with any requirements of other parties.
  9. Provide guidance and direction on the potential regulatory effects of an innovative product or service or business model.


Decision No. 89/2021 issue guidelines for the rules of the Regulatory Sandbox for Telecommunications. PDF

Application Form

Application Form for the Regulatory Sandbox for Telecommunications PDF

Sandbox Operation

  1. Requesting Phase
  2. Application Evaluation Phase
  3. Testing Phase
  4. Exit Phase

infographic PDF

Application Procedure:

The applicant fills out the application form to join in the regulatory sandbox for telecommunications services, attaching all the needed documents mentioned in the form, and submits it to the Authority.
The Authority will study the application after receiving all the required documents, and the Authority has the right to request any additional information or documents if needed.
If the application found not to comply with all or some of TRA's requirements that stipulated in the guidelines, the Authority shall notify the applicant of the rejection.
After the application has fulfilled all the requirements of the Authority, an authorization is issued to enable the applicant to join the regulatory sandbox environment.
The participant is authorized to start the test according to the presented and agreed plan.

Duration of use of the Regulatory Sandbox

(12) twelve months maximum


No fees

About the Service

Internet of Things (IoT) is set to enable large number of devices to communicate and share data to accomplish specific tasks through the internet. IoT applications has wide range usages such as smart homes, smart cities, tracking, smart metering and connected cars, etc. IoT can be used in different sectors such as health, agriculture, utility and transportation. The IoT value chain comprises multiple elements: devices, connectivity, big data, data analytics, applications…etc.

Through this page, interested companies can find out the regulatory documents and submit application to register as Internet of Things (IoT) service provider.


  1. Providing and exploitation of business opportunities
  2. Supporting innovation, enabling and localizing emerging technologies.
  3. Develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of the provided services.
  4. Ensure that IoT services and applications are provided securely.


Decision No. 93/2022 issue IoT Services Provisioning Regulation PDF

Application Form

Application Form for IOT PDF

Application Procedure:

The applicant fills out the application form for a permit to provide Internet of things services, attached to it all the required documents shown in the form, and submits it to the Authority.
If the application fulfills all the requirements. An initial approval, valid for a period of (12) months, is issued to enable the applicant to establish the system for providing the service.
The applicant shall notify the Authority after the completion of the establishment of the system.
The permit is issued after the applicant submits evidence that the fees have been paid.


No. Service Fee
1 Application evaluation 80 OMR
2 Inspection 100 OMR
3 Authorization Issuance
  • 1000
  • 350 OMR for enterprises registered with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority
About the Service

TRA intends to regulate the execution of services on telecom field and exactly the companies and freelancers who get contract with the licensed telecom service providers for purpose to enhancing the quality of the works executed by these companies and empowering Omani cadres. According to the regulation, the licensee is obligated when awarding contracts for the implementation of services in the field of telecommunications - as defined in the regulation - to contract only with companies or freelancers authorized by the authority, and Similarly, no authorized party as per the regulation may contract with a third party to assign a sub-work unless they are authorized by the Authority.


  1. The commitment of the authorized entities to recruit and train Omanis, and raise the Omanisation rate to reach (70%).
  2. Enabling the Omani workforce specialized in the field of communications and IT to obtain decent job opportunities in an appropriate and stimulating work environment for them in the private sector.
  3. The commitment of the authorized entities to the specifications, standards and requirements necessary in the implementation of services in the telecom field.


The Decision No. 109/2022 of issuing the regulation of Execution of Service in Telecom Field can be viewed by clicking here PDF

Application Form

Application can be submitted online including the documents and information as per the guidelines for obtaining an authorization to execute services in the telecom field.

Application Procedure:

The applicant shall submit duly filled signed application form along with the information requested in the guidelines and proof of fee payment
TRA review the application and contact the applicant for any further details
After fulfilling all the requested information and procedures, TRA issue the authorization and notify the applicant

Authorization Duration:

The authorization is valid for 5 years and the authorized party shall apply for renewal as per the guidelines.


Fee Amount (OMR)
Authorization / Renewal for Freelancers 5 OMR
First time authorization for an Omani entrepreneur holding Riyada card 25 OMR
Renewal of authorization for Omani entrepreneur holding Riyada card 50 OMR
Authorization/ Renewal for SME registered in Authority for SME Development 60 OMR
Authorization/ Renewal for other companies 500 OMR

About the Service

it is a telecommunication service used to convey voice or video calls using Internet Protocol (IP) technology through an application/website and without utilizing the numbering resources.


  • Ease of the procedures to approve the service provision.
  • Light regulatory requirements.
  • Determination of the scope of service and targeted customers.
  • Ensure customers information security and privacy .

please click to view the Decision (1152/2/3/2022/1) on the Regulation of Voice and Video Communication Service over IP. (click)

Application Form
to apply, download and fill in the form and submit all the details requested in the form. (click)

Application Procedure:

The Applicant submit a signed application form and with all listed requirements in the Application Form
TRA review the application and contact the applicant for any further clarifications
If application is approved, TRA will issue an advice for payment of authorization fee
TRA will issue the authorization and notify the applicant

Authorization Duration:
the authorization is valid for 5 years and the authorized entity is required apply for renewal before the expiry date.


Fee Amount (OMR)
Application Review 1000 OMR
Authorization / Renewal 8000 OMR

Authorized Companies

  1. Oman Data Park
  2. Ijtimaati

Services that do not require licenses

Title Download
Decision 47/2016 - Regulating Customer Call Center Service PDF
Title Download
Decision 48/2016 - Re-provision of Internet Access and Internet Cafe PDF