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Who we are

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is the implementing authority of the Sultanate of Oman’s telecommunications policies. It was established in 2002 to liberalise and promote the telecommunications services in the Sultanate under the Telecommunications Act which was issued under the Royal Decree No. 30/2002.
In 2012, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority was mandated to regulate Oman’s Postal Sector in accordance with the Postal Service Regulatory Law, which was issued by the Royal Decree 71/2012 to reform, liberalize and develop the market within the Sultanate.

Our Vision

Fostering an enabling regulatory environment that empower provision of world-class Telecommunication services to all

Our Mission

We are the national authority to regulate the telecommunications and postal services sectors by translating government policies into regulations, rules and guidelines and ensuring their enforcement and compliance to enable competitive and sustainable supply of services in order to facilitate access and safeguard the interest of users with respect to price and quality.

Our Values

We believe that Our Values are a fundamental part of our culture, focusing on our priorities and practices, reflected in following:

  • Be non-discriminatory and reasonable in dealing with different stakeholders.
  • Make the right balance between stakeholders according to rules and regulations.
  • Be transparent towards all the stakeholders and customers
  • Communicate clearly according to the audience and their needs
  • Embrace the team approach above individual perspectives and personal accomplishments.
  • Be objective, listen actively to others, respect others opinions, do constructive
  • Seek input from others to help ensure that team or project objectives are achieved
Customer Focus
  • Provide an unsurpassed customer experience and drive value for all our customers.
  • We focus on understanding our customers’ needs and make the necessary efforts to meet their expectations and build long term relationships.
  • Make all staff believe in making the ethical choice, keeping our commitments, taking responsibility for our actions and doing the best we can for the common good of our team, customers and stakeholders.

Our Responsibility

We seek to keep Oman online, on air and on call. through:

Regulating the Telecom Sector

  • Ensure the provision of telecommunications services at a reasonable price across the Sultanate.
  • Promote the use of telecommunications services aiming to facilitate access to global markets and information.
  • Use telecommunications to encourage tangible and non-tangible exports.
  • Ensure the optimal use of the frequency spectrum.
  • Safeguard the interests of customers and suppliers in terms of price, equipment rates, quality and efficiency, within the telecommunications sector.
  • Encourage commercial activity in relation to telecommunications services and equipment, by providing suitable conditions that enable new licensees to compete in order to establish an effective competitive environment.
  • Develop the economic competence in the performance of licensees engaged in the commercial activities related to the sector.
  • Ensure suitable conditions for competition among the licensees, to ensure the provision of world class telecommunications services at a reasonable cost, and to take necessary action to enable service providers to compete abroad.
  • Encourage research and development in the telecommunications sector.

Regulating the Postal Sector

  • Advice the Ministry of Technology & Communication on the general policy of the postal sector.
  • Implement the approved general policy for the postal sector.
  • Regulate the provision of postal services in the Sultanate in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
  • Oversee and monitor the postal services providers to ensure the provision of licensed services of appropriate quality at approved tariff.
  • Receive complaints from beneficiaries and decide on with final administrative decisions.
  • Issue final administrative decisions upon matters in which a dispute arises between the service providers, or between
  • Prepare an annual report on the activities of the sector after coordinating with the Ministry of Technology & Communication and submitting the report to the Council of Ministers for consideration and approval.

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